A few years back I lived with a group of girls.I was waitressing at the time and not making much money .  My roomates on the other hand were college students and came from well to do families.
So they  were constantly getting around and going places that I could not afford all the time.

Thats when I happened to meet one of my room mates
dad. The girls had gone out for the day when one of the girls dads who was a doctor dropped by while I was alone. I hung out with him for most of the day and he knew I was hurting for money..And that’s when he made the naughty offer to pay me a lot of money if I allowed him to spank me..Lol..At first I was in shock and thought he was kidding..But he wasn’t. And from then on from time to time he would pay me for allowing him to spank me.It was a  good deal as far as I was concerned he was sexy but spanked me really hard , leaving his handprints on my ass for days!

After having allowed myself to be spanked for money by my roommates father, I’d thought of it several times. It was fun, not a doubt, but also easy money. A few hundred dollars for a few minutes of hard spanking.
Well last weekend it happened again. He had come over to give his daughter some things from home, and we’d been planning on having dinner with him and visiting. While he was here though, my roommates got a call from a friend that needed some help, so she excused herself and said she was sorry, but that she had to go and would I mind still having dinner with him considered he’d driven over an hour. I said it was fine and go help your friend.

I had a feeling as soon as she was out the door he was going to offer the same situation as before, and he didn’t disappoint me. As soon as my friend pulled out of the driveway, he asked me how much it was going to cost him to spank my ass  again. I had a feeling I might be able to get more out of him than last time. He already had a telltale bulge in his pants, so I knew he was in a weak moment. I said double what you gave me before. He looked a bit shocked, but said he’d give me that, if after my spanking he could cum on my ass.

I thought it over a moment and agreed. He told me to remove my clothes – slowly so he could watch. He was practically drooling as I got down to my bra and panties. I stood before him naked and he said to get across his knee. I did, feeling the hardened cock in his pants against me, straining to get out. He hit each cheek a couple of dozen times. My God he hit me hard. I knew I’d not be sitting without discomfort for a few days after this.

Then he told me to bend over and grab my ankles with my hands and just stay there. I heard him unzip his pants. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d felt his cock go into my pussy from behind, but he kept his word and was only interested in cumming on my ass. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw him furtively stroking his big, fat cock in his hand. Fuck the head on it was huge and purplish in color he was so aroused and engorged. His right hand pumped up and down on it and I could felt his left hand caressing my ass cheeks all over where he’d spanked me.

He said he knew I was a dirty girl the moment he’d laid eyes on me and he knew I’d be a slut for him, and apparently I’d proven him right. He was breathing more and more heavy as he worked his cock faster and faster and he said he was about to shoot his load and I felt 4 different squirts land on my ass and start to trickle down the backs of my thighs. He thanked me, reached for his wallet in his pants pocket and took out several hundred dollars and left it on the coffee table and left. I went to go shower and contemplated this man and how he wanted to spank me for cash. The girl that lived with his daughter. If only she knew what had gone on. I’d have to make sure that she never found out

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