I spent today indulging in a Firefly marathon that happened to be on.  (If you aren’t familiar with Firefly, you should check it out.  Read all about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_(TV_series) )

One of the characters is a woman named Inara, who is a Companion.  In the Firefly universe, a Companion is a Geisha or Courtesean.  She is cultured, articulate and high-class, the kind of woman that can be taken to a black tie affair with heads of state and she would be able to “hold her own”.  She is also elegant, stylish and soft spoken, which is most likely why she is a sought after Companion and popular with her clients.

Yes, she also has sex for money, but that isn’t where the interaction with her clients ends.  She is also therapist, confidant and nurturing force in their life.  Her time with her clients is sacred to her and nothing seems to exist outside of the space that they are in.  Because of the respect that she shows to her clients and her time with them, they show her the same respect in return.

It isn’t sex or respect or time that causes intimacy.  It is being present, in the same space (even if it is virtual or “created” space) and being “in the moment”.  It is the sharing of an experience between two people.  A bond is created.

I have always loved the Inara character for who she is, what she does and how she treats others.  And I try to emulate her actions as I go about my day.