Mean Sorority Girls.

Sorority girls turn you on? Is it because you can imagine the things they might get up to behind closed doors? Well let me tell you exactly what we get up to. Yes, I’ve been in a sorority since I came into college. In a month or so we will have new pledges trying to be a part of our exclusive sorority. We will have fresh out of high school teens ready to do whatever we want with them just to be our friends.

When they start arriving we will scope them out. We obviously only give invites to the hottest little bitches we can find. We already have in plan that will weed out the ones not fitted for out sorority. We will have a meeting in the main living area while the first group of girls come in. They are to be wearing heels only and nothing else. We are going to put them on their knees and blind fold them. After is really when the fun will begin for all of us.

While on their knees we are going to make sure they don’t see anything. We will bring out a powerful vibrator. Pressing it against their clits when they least expected. Hearing them moan and beg for more. We will edge them till they crave a big rod inside them. After that, we will make them beg some more. Still blindfolded, my sorority sisters and I will wear dildos all different sizes. From the average to the extreme.

Fucking their holes is our goal. We are going to stretch them out. Gape them. Make them taste their own juices off of our plastic dicks. The girls that stay through it all, are the girls we will from then on call our sorority sisters.

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