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Her puffy lips and bald cunt made me look. She knew it. She was always eye fucking me. I knew she wanted a hot lesbian sex encounter. It’s like she wanted to play with my huge tits and tongue my snatch. I was right about my son’s hot girlfriend. She was cougarbait as well. I wondered if I would taste my son in her cunt.

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This particular morning, I was in my bathrobe, naked underneath, with my huge tits popping out drinking my coffee. She emerged from the basement wearing nothing but my son’s tee shirt and makeup running down her face, She made sure to bend WAY over in the fridge so I got a good look at her puffy peach.

I had enough of the teasing, so before she turned around, I slid out of my robe so my tits and cunt were in her full view.

When she turned around, her eyes widened and her mouth drew into a sly smile. “Well, get naked and on your knees little lesbo fuckpony! I have work for you to do ” She shed his shirt and crawled across the floor. She looked up at me as she opened my legs and started suckling on my pussy like a hungry little bitch. We fucked all morning, tasting and tongue fucking. I could definitely taste my son’s cum dripping onto my tongue. She and I fucked for months even after they broke up. My son’s hot girlfriend was such a filthy whore! Call me for the pics that go with this story;)

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