Certain songs actually make me wet.

I was around 5 when I first heard Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s The Night” and, although it didn’t make me wet (and I didn’t know he was talking about popping some girl’s cherry), I had a feeling he was saying something dirty.  I wonder if this is why, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with songs and their lyrics.

As a chronically horny housewife, I go out of my way to set the mood for my husband.  Not only does this involve the right outfit, it also involves creating the perfect playlist of songs. The process takes several hours and, although not always successful, I enjoy making them.  After all, if he doesn’t start fucking me more frequently, I’ll take my playlist on the road and fuck you.

Certain songs are perfect for getting naked.

While the shower and poolside are perfect seduction settings, I prefer to surprise you when you’re least expecting it. You’re waxing your car.  I slip into white shorts and a white tank top, put on some music, and decide to water the flowers.

During Joe Cocker’s “Leave Your Hat On” and Bob Seger’s “Her Strut”, I  manage to hose myself down so much you can see straight through my clothes.  You remember I like to fuck when I’m wet.  AS Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” begins, you forget your car and follow me into the house.

Certain songs are perfect for foreplay.

Once in the bedroom, we quickly take off our clothes.  I don’t want to rush.  As “The Only Time” by Nine Inch Nails and AC/DC’s “Touch Too Much” play, my fingers and tongue run slowly all over your body. I begin to lick your cock and when Godsmack’s  “Voodoo” begins, I take every inch of your shaft into my throat.

Certain songs are perfect for getting fucked senseless.

After four minutes and twenty-seven seconds deep-throating your throbbing shaft, my pussy is dripping wet.  As Puddle of Mudd’s “Control” begins, I push you off of me and tell you to get on your back.  I climb up on top of you and straddle your face, grinding my pussy onto your tongue and continuing to stroke your cock and balls with my hand.

I’m very close to cumming and need your cock deep inside my pussy.  As Halestorm’s “Apocalyptic” begins to play, I get onto my knees.  I want you to get behind me, spank my ass, wrap your hand into my hair, and pull my head back as you drive your dick into my dripping cunt.  As you feel me cumming around your cock, you pull out of my pussy.  I feel you positioning your head of your cock between the cheeks of my ass. You drive it inside, and over and over you pound my dirty hole like a primal beast until you shoot your hot cum deep inside my ass.

A “Dirty Little Mind” is a terrible thing to waste.  Don’t you agree?

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