Son Acts On His Impulses

Being the son of a smoking hot mommy isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  You know thinking about her naked body is wrong.  You know its even worse to think about sliding your hard cock inside of her and filling her pussy with cum. At the end of the day, you know its wrong, all of it, but you just can’t stop yourself.  Today is the day you have been preparing for even since you noticed her sexy body.  This is the day mommy makes her son a man!

It was the time this naughty son had been waiting for.  She was asleep on the couch in that silky night gown you have masturbated in time and time again.  She has a blanket over her lap with the perfect amount hanging off for you to hide under.  You make your move.  Then you go under the blanket like a spy on a covert mission.  You kiss her thighs softly and work your way to her sweet pussy.  Kissing her panties and she begins to moan in her sleep.   She is moaning your dad’s name!  You pull her panties down to expose her pussy lips.  Sliding you tongue deep inside, you begin fucking her with your mouth.  She wakes up, but she never expects it to be her son eating her pussy.  She tastes so good and everything is exactly how you have always imagined.

 Your cock is throbbing, her pussy is dripping, and you just can’t wait any longer.

Now mommy will feel the cock of her grown son!  His thick, long, rock hard cock that has spent so much time thinking about being inside of her. She pulls the blanket off and sees your face.  She starts to protest, but you both know things have already gone too far.  Whats the use in stopping now.  In the heat of the moment, you thrust your cock inside her cunt and start pounding away.  She is moaning as she tells you to stop, but she gives no real fight to stop you.  You both cum so hard, you collapse onto the couch together, breathing heavy, in a state of complete ecstasy.

Sometimes its worth a shot to act on our impulses.  This time, mommy secretly wanted her son just as badly as he wanted her.  What’s your naughty confession?

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