With Thanksgiving day steadily approaching, I think of things I am thankful for. I can’t help but find myself thinking about Beth. She was my girlfriend who lived 2 blocks down from my Aunt Sherry’s place. I was 16 and Beth was head-to-toe beautiful. Her long black hair always felt like silk running between my finger tips. Her parents liked to call Beth and me a “phase,” while my parents fully accepted and supported our relationship. We had been together for three months when Thanksgiving time had come around and decided we would be spending it with my parents. I remember the button-up plaid shirt she had been wearing and her rustic jeans, she looked so natural as her honey brown eyes shone with such delight.

Beth took my hand and off we went leaving the adults to cook in the kitchen, my brothers were too busy wrestling with our other male cousins to notice our absence. “What are we going?” I asked her. “Your room,” she replied. Once we were inside I leaned her against the door kissing her soft lips, they tasted like sweet honey. I allowed my tongue to delve in deeper and slowly coaxed her own tongue to entwine with my own. Our hands roamed over each other, light and sweet the way her and I were. My hand slowly unbuttoned her clothes and I broke the kiss to place light feathery kisses down her neck. I trailed further and further down moving Beth’s bra out of the way and let my lips wrap around a pale pink nipple. She inhaled sharply, letting a breathy moan escape her lips.


I released her nipple and pulled my face away slowly, guiding her over to the bed. It didn’t take long to slide her jeans off, I remember looking at her, my eyes roaming over those budding breasts, already so much bigger than my own. Her hazel eyes having darkened with lust and desire as she stared directly into my own, I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps. Sliding her panties off slowly, my mouth lightly kissed her hips before trailing to her already wet slit. My finger slid slowly into her while my tongue flicked over her sensitive little nub.

“Star!” she cried out, I looked up, seeing her hands cupping her tits and rolling her nipples around, her body arching downwards into my mouth and hand. I knew she was close, sliding another finger in, I increased my pace pumping her pussy until she cried out for me. My name always sounded so wonderful when Beth was in the throws of an orgasm. I slid my fingers out and licked lazily at her juices, cleaning her up slowly with my tongue and savoring every single drop of her essence.

Sliding up I kissed her again letting her taste herself, she moaned into my mouth letting her hands wander over my body. I myself was already soaked from going down on her, Beth’s fingers slowly found their way to my clit as I leaned back in ecstasy. The soft knock on the door had us pulling apart. “Dinners ready,” I could hear my brother John’s voice, he sounded flustered. “Alright we’ll be down in a minute,” I called back giggling softly.

Beth kissed me again while shifting up to get her clothing back on and teased, “think he heard?” “He may have,” I replied coyly. This only made Beth smile wider, she loved fucking with the twins, it was amusing to her to push the limits with them and I didn’t mind, our relationship was so much fun. “We’ll continue after dinner,” she promised as she kissed me one more time before buttoning her shirt up. Beth didn’t bother putting on a bra either, no doubt looking to stir the pot with wandering male eyes at the table. I laughed opening the door and joined her downstairs.


I guess I just really wanted to share, over the years I’ve had a lot of things to be happy and thankful about on Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?


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