It’s time for you to admit your mommy breastfeeding fetish.

You’re my husband’s best friend, did you really think you could hide your mommy breastfeeding fetish from me? Every single time that you’re here to visit with your wife I can see it written clearly all over your face. Your words of congratulations on the new baby are clearly sincere, but there is so much more written all over your face. Your wife is sitting right next to you, but that’s not stopping you from undressing me with your eyes now is it? Men undress me with their eyes all of the time and that’s nothing new.

You, however, are fixated on a particular body part of mine. Your eyes haven’t left my breasts once since you walked through the door. My breasts are so much larger than before, now that they’re full of milk. They’re practically bursting over the top of my bra and my nipples are constantly hard. Look at them, clearly outlined through my bra and the front of my dress. Do you mind if I nurse the baby while you’re here? From the immediate bulge in the front of your pants, that’s clearly what you were hoping for.

Stop squirming so much, before your wife figures out your mommy breastfeeding fetish. The front of your pants are getting a wet spot from all of the pre-cum that’s leaking out of your rock hard cock. It seems that our spouses have other things to attend to at the moment, care to share what’s on your mind? Don’t worry I’ll keep it between the two of us. You have a huge mommy breastfeeding fetish, don’t you?

What is it about it lactation that turns you on so very much?

Is it the humongous breasts, the sweet warm milk, or the fact that my breasts now squirt milk all on their own when I orgasm? Maybe it’s none of the above. Do you want to curl up on my lap and suckle at my breasts like a baby would? The sight of your rock hard cock straining against your pants tell me it’s not entirely maternal. You’re having some very dirty, carnal thoughts right now, aren’t you? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to finally indulge your mommy breastfeeding fetish with me. The baby is down for a nap and we’re all alone right now.

Now, get ready for a hot MILF fuck!

Sit down on the edge of the bed while I slowly undress. Your eyes are glued to my tight body as I tug my sundress off over my head. My tiny lacy black bra is barely restraining my milk filled breasts. Watch as my hands slowly unfasten the clasp and they finally tumble free. I slowly straddle your waist on the bed and bury your face right between my tits. They’re so full of milk, they’re ready to burst, so swollen and full just engulfing your face and bouncing against your cheeks. Go on, wrap your lips around my nipples like I know you’re aching to.

Feel that sweet warm breast milk flood your mouth as I tease my wet pussy lips against your swollen cock head. How badly do you want to be buried balls deep inside of me right now? So badly that you’re panting and begging for me to let you fuck me. I’m taking my time though, slowly lowering my tight pussy down inch by inch. Are you ready for a hot milf fuck? Your lips on my breasts are driving me crazy as I feel your big thick cock slowly fill me and stretch me open.

Slide your big warm hands onto my hips and start to bounce me up and down on your shaft.

Lay back and let me ride you. Your balls are so full and the way you’re sucking on my nipples is making my pussy drip for you. I can’t believe it, your cock is swelling up and getting even bigger and harder inside of me. Your cock is so deep inside of me that it hits my g-spot. Now my pussy is squirting like crazy, squeezing your dick ready to milk it. But, my pussy isn’t the only thing that’s squirting.

Suddenly my breasts start spraying breastmilk all over your face. That’s when I feel you let loose and explode deep inside of me. So much hot, sticky cum shooting so deep inside me. It fills my pussy to the top and starts to leak back out. Holy shit, I had no idea my husband’s best friend was such a good fuck!

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