Everyone has heard that old cliché, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Well, duh — pretty basic, right? Yeah, that 101 level vanilla pseudo-femdom shit bores me too . . . I bet you’d be more interested to know about the sources where your beautiful Mistress draws her powers from, huh?
Well, in my own BDSM practices and divine Mistress-ness I like to say: “Behind every great domme is a supportive, sacred circle of other great dommes!”

I definitely draw a lot of my power and divinity from sharing it with my personal tight-knit coven of unapologetic, hateful, dominant bitches — and today is an exciting day because I’ll be visiting one of these gorgeous, deviously cunning women! The last time I saw her was pure, unadulterated domme-on-domme bliss . . . only another cruel, clever dominant woman who is served by slimy perverts for a living can know me on my deepest, most intimate levels. Oh, and of course ONLY another professional domme can match my HILARIOUS stories about all the humiliating, shameful things I force my slaves to do for me!

You DO know that’s what dommes talk about when they have their afternoon tea rendez-vous, right?

Yes, you did — because even though all my submissives are always whimpering things like “I just want to serve you, Mistress” or “I only care about you, Mistress” and blah blah blah/etc., etc., their submission to me DOES involve a twisted narcissism at it’s core . . . how outrageous, how devoted can they be? What will they do to win the complete attention (or provoke the murderous fury) of their beautiful Mistress? For some of you, the answer really IS “anything you say, Mistress!”

Think you can endure the level of HUMILIATION required to star in one of the stories I laugh about with my pretty domme friends? Think you can perform the kind of outrageous stunt your perfect Mistress asks of you well enough to be “cast” in my next (true) story??

I know you LOVE the idea of two sexy, powerful seductresses laughing about you . . . don’t you??


Mistress Aileen

Your Supreme Goddess Aileen

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