XNXX Sex Stories are my daytime addiction

My Xnxx sex stories time is my favorite time of the day! Most moms love their “stories” and so do I! But mine are just a little bit different! Instead of flipping to the local channel and watching what Dr Sex Face is doing with Nurse Foot Fetish, I just sit down in front of my tv and cruise on over to my favorite porn site!

It may not have an ongoing storyline and plot twists but it definitely keeps me riveted! I spend hours curled up with my favorite toy, teasing my way through video after video! It seems like I  just cannot get enough porn!

I love being able to find a clip of smut on any subject I want! And what do I want to watch today? Interracial? Guided Masturbation? Lesbian? Its all right there at my wet fingertips! I love watching my favorite porn stars get dirty on my big screen! Now, Tory Lane is my absolute fave. I love how loud she gets!

I just sit right down, strip my clothes off and start the first video. At first, I just let my hands run all over my silky soft skin. Touching myself the way I imagine a lover would if we were watching together! Soon, I am so worked up I have to move to my vibrator.

I love to put it against my clit while I pinch and pluck my nipples till they are super hard.

The more worked up I get the more vocal I get. Have you ever watched a movie with someone who talks to the screen? Well I do a lot of that when I’m watching my xnxx sex stories! Soon I’ll moan out “That’s right! Fuck her harder! Oh fuck yes! Take that cock!”.  And I am always so ready when I start to cum!

Do you want to watch my xnxx sex stories with me? What’s your favorite type of porn? Tell me and I’m going to give you 5 minutes of Phone Sex for Free!