Oral Sex: slut loves to suck a nice big cock then have her pussy licked

Does anyone love oral as much as I do? Oral sex may be the greatest part of sex ever. I love getting licked from head to toe. Lay down on the bed. Legs spread apart as he licks my inner thigh. Which of course makes me start jumping. If he is an oral sex expert he may even take one of his fingers and slid it up and down my pussy while he kisses my inner thighs. His finger gliding up and down my now wet clit. It feels amazing when he does this.

Then he takes his tongue and starts to give my pussy some soft but oh so sexy licks. Licking me like I am a fresh ice cream cone on a sunny Florida day. Licking me like he needs my pussy juices like he needs water. Fuck I am so wet! Slipping his fingers instead as he starts to suck on my clit making love to it with his mouth. As his fingers slid in and out of me. In an amazing rhyme. God, I am getting so close to cumming and he knows it. My legs start shaking and I hold his head on my clit.

My juices start spraying all in his mouth, my legs shaking uncontrollability.

Don’t get me wrong I love to receive but giving oral sex is my favorite part. Sucking on a nice big cock.  Taking both of my hand and twisting them around his cock. While I suck on the head of it still doing the double hand combo and sucking on his balls. I love the sound they make when they pop out of my mouth. I love deep throating his cock. Sucking on it until I can’t breathe.  Going faster in the hopes I get to taste his huge load. finally, he can’t hold back anymore and sprays his cum all over my mouth and down my throat.  Fuck oral sex makes me so happy.

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