Soak Me With Your Cum Spray, Cleanse Me And Do It All Over Again!

Soak me with your cum spray, cleanse me and do it all over again! I was taking a shower last night and I couldn’t help but touch myself, thinking about you! I began to think about you being in there with me, after an hour-long fuck session. We were deliciously dirty from sweat and that sticky cum of ours. We needed a nice steamy shower to it wash off!

Of course, it started out like any other shower, but it certainly didn’t end up just an innocent shower. No, no, no! It got much steamier in there than either of us expected, but we’re both hoping for!

We started out by taking turns washing each other’s back; from our necks, slowly down our backs, all the way to the crack of our asses. The way the water and soap ran down your sexy muscular back, I couldn’t help but become aroused. Next, it was my turn to get washed and clearly, the sight of that bubbly warm water running its course down my body must have done the same, as I could feel that arousal of yours poking me in my ass and that’s when the fun began again!

As the water ran down my body, I could feel my clit begin to swell for you and feel my pussy contract in anticipation, waiting for that hard ache between your legs to penetrate me.

Without skipping a beat, I simply bent over and like a fucking champion you gave me what I wanted. You grabbed me by my soapy shoulders and plunged that goodness right into its honey pot! Ohhhhhh my GOD that felt amazing! That moment RIGHT before your cock fully enters me and the head barely penetrates my tight little pussy hole, is what drove me over the edge….after that, it was on!

With one hand on my shoulder and one on my hip, you began to just plow my little pussy with that fuck stick, the sound of our bodies colliding and the water splashing made our little rendezvous that much more erotic. I could feel your cock throbbing inside of me and I know you could feel my pussy clench down on you as if it never wanted to let you go! The way you leaned forward and licked my neck, hmmm was so amazing, it sent me right into ecstasy and you knew at that moment, I was yours to do with as you pleased.

We didn’t know what was hotter, the steam from the hot water running down our bodies, or the steam created by us passionately fucking in the shower, either way, it was HOT, HOT, HOT! It was then that you turned me around, grabbed my right leg, pulled it up to your shoulder so that my foot was next to your face and you……tell me, tell me what you did next! Call me your naughty girl and seduce me with the rest of this sexy cum spray story!

Mature Phone Sex!