I love sex gentleman. Even my mother operate on the same high sex drive I have. Guess you could say all the females in my family have an intense and powerful appetite to be fucked on the reg.

Snuff sex isn’t really a thing for me. Generally speaking I enjoy rough sex but nothing with an actual end to my plaything. When I met a guy down at the local dance club I was already on the prowl for young strong dick. I didn’t care who he was or if he had some tail at home.

My eyes honed in on him, so I set a target on his back. The entire night I flirted and danced like a total slut. When I need to get my fuck on, nothing will stop me. We found ourselves leaving the club high on hormones. I straddled his cock in the backseat  of his car and started to ride him with ounce of energy.

His cock felt so fucking amazing. I could feel the pussy juice wetting his balls when my ass pressed into them before rocketing back up. I clenched my muscles as tight as I could around his shaft. The mystery man was being far too loud and would draw attention. I typically don’t give two shits but I’m a nursing student and my record needed to remain clean!

I was getting very close to cumming. I needed this orgasm so bad and his cock hit my gspot perfectly. With him moaning loud and me trying to keep from screaming, I wrapped my fingers around his throat and started squeezing. Now I have choked and been choked out during sex more times then I care to admit, so when he fought me I didn’t think much of it since most guys convulse when they cum.

When I finished I leaned against his chest and thanked him for the amazing sex. He didn’t say anything so I assumed he passed out. I fixed myself and climbed out of the car and headed home. The next day on the news I sat with my coffee and realized the guy they were showing on T.V was the guy I fucked the night before! Holy shit! Did I seriously get off while choking him to death?

Snuff…it’s what’s for breakfast. So if you like something more extreme I am the taboo slut just to act it out with! Go from easy vanilla to hardcore. If you want a more intense snuff blog ask me where to find them.


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