My friend Sheri and I went out together one night and prowled around the bar looking for a couple of men to bring home with us.  I was quite horny and wanted to get fucked immediately.  

We were at the bar, drinking our martinis when a really good looking guy walked over and leaned against the bar.  He didn’t seem to notice either of us at first but Sheri glanced at me, smiled and pointed at him.   That meant he was the guy she wanted to fuck.

I shook my head and pointed at him, then at myself.  That meant that in fact, I was going to be one fucking him tonight.  She frowned at me and the took a sip of her drink and then it was on.  

She tapped him on the shoulder and began flirting with him.  Bitch, I thought.  I leaned over and began talking to him as well.  He was sandwiched in between us, looking at her, then at me, clearly enjoying the attention from two gorgeous women.  When he put his hands around both of us, we realized we were just going to have to share.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “He’s here alone.  I want to bring home one guy for each of us, I’m not in the mood to share tonight.”  

“Okay… let’s just take him outside and give him a blow job.”  I said.

The three of us walked out to the parking lot together and he led us to his Hummer.  How appropriate, I thought.  We’re going to give his guy a blow job… in a HUMMER.  He let Sheri slide in first, then he got in and held out his hand, helping me inside.  He was sitting in between us and kissed us both, looking very pleased with his pair of eager whores.

He whipped his dick out and Sheri and I played nice, sharing his cock and not being greedy at all.  We licked it together and took turns sucking it.  He leaned back, making hissing sounds and moaning, moving his hips around and up and down as we tag teamed his cock.

He finally let a gush of cum shoot into my mouth.  Yes, I was the lucky girl who had his cock in her mouth when he unloaded his jizz.  Before I could begin to swallow any of it, Sheri was right there, holding my face in her hands and pressing her lips against mine.  I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out.  There was a big puddle of gooey goodness on it and she licked it right up.  Our tongues swirled around together as we tasted and swallowed his cum.  

Good friends share everything!  Especially a mouth load of cum!

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