Sniff Used Panties: Inhale My Divine Scent

Sniffing used panties is very popular and even common kink among men of all varieties and persuasions.  For some, it may be the smell, the touch, the taste of the panties, the sensuality of it.  For others, it may be the pure joy of the act.  Perhaps getting caught with panties is what turns you on.  Or, maybe you enjoy imagining yourself eating delicious pussy while your whole face is deep in a musky pair.  Perhaps you even like to put them on yourself and strut around with that precious cream rubbing against your skin. Regardless, you love to sniff used panties.  You’re hungry for it.  You get off on it.

Perhaps you are one of those men who walk around town, going to work, running your errands, picking up packages, all with a pair of deliciously used lady’s undergarments in the pocket of your pants.  Every once in a while, throughout your busy day, you like to reach your hand down into that pocket and feel the lace and cotton in your fingers.  Or, maybe they’re silk?  Satin?  Whatever the case may be, you love to feel those things in your hand, you get exhilarated while bringing them to your face bunched up in your digits in broad daylight.

Oh, The Places Women Go!

Next time you go to the gym, think about the woman with the voluptuous, sculpted ass and powerful, chin-held-high stance on the Spin Bike next to yours.  I’m sure you notice that sweat she’s worked up, the furrow in her brow as she pushes through her tiredness.  What, do you think, all that energy, all that effort, is doing to her panties?  What kinds of pheromones does she leave behind in her underwear when she goes for a jog?  So that when you go to sniff used panties belonging to a jogger, you surely imagine her ponytail bobbing up and down and the muscles in her thighs constricting and releasing as she runs down her neighborhood streets in a pair of leggings.

Certainly all women sleep, and of course, everyone sweats in their sleep.  I know that for myself, my pussy is notoriously wet every time I wake from my tasty dreams.  Those juices are flowing and those wet, glistening pussy lips are rubbing all over inside my panties.  Frequently, I wake up so wet, I reach for my dildo on my bedside table and go to town on myself.  Maybe I work it slow and speed it up.  On the other hand, maybe I just fuck myself on that dildo like a fucking jackhammer, right from the beginning.  Whatever the case may be, I give my body what it needs and I squirt right into my panties.  I soak myself in cream and I am filled with euphoria.

I Mean, Think About It.

It’s irrepressibly true, you’re hungry to sniff used panties.  You want panties worn by women doing yoga, dancing in the rain, masturbating, Dominating subordinate sluts, or even just being a badass bitch at work.  Your cock is throbbing in your pants while you think about wearing a used pair of panties on your head.  You’re salivating right now, kicking your heels like a petty little pony, wanting it.  Go ahead, sniff used panties.  Sniff mine.

Boys with Panty Fever!

Like a pesky little snake, you may have done this in the past.  Maybe you’re such a twisted and depraved little deviant, you’ve actually gone through your sister’s or your aunt’s laundry basket.  Certainly, as an adolescent, curious for a whiff of a pussy stank you may have only heard about, you had fingered through the dirty clothes of a sibling.  Furthermore, you salivated, even to the point of drooling, as you found what you were looking for.  Quite possibly, you found your sister’s first period-stained undergarments, and like a corrupt freak, brought the musky things to your nose.

Or, also quite likely, you found your mother’s lingerie, fresh from having ridden the cum-rod of your own father or her hyper-masculine boyfriend.  Surely you pushed them to your face, even tasted them, sliding them around your mouth with your eager tongue.  Or, you felt the lingerie between your teeth.  You bit into them and you let the panty juices fill your mouth.  Without a doubt, you writhed in ecstasy.  That day, in your youth, you were changed for all time, broken completely by your need to sniff women’s panties.

You Want My Panties Most of All.

Finally, you’ve all this pent up stimulation circulating around your brain and tugging at your pulsing cock.  What are you to do?  Surely, receiving my own panties on your doorstep would bring you unmatched excitement.  You think of gripping my panties most of all.  You wonder what kind I wear.  You’re quizzical of the type of material, the cut.  You imagine sucking on a lollipop plucked from my cunt and wearing my used panties on your head while you tug one out on your back like an immoral deviant.  You’re sweating into the seat of your couch, imagining my scent.  Sniff used panties.  Do not just imagine, boy.

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