There is just something about ass sniffers I just love! Knowing that the dirty little perv’s cock gets rock hard when I shove my dirty ass in his face. I know it is not the freshest when those checks spread and his nose tickles me. I had showered this morning but since it has been a busy day. I worked out in the morning, I am sure that gorgeous ass got some sweat beads forming in that crack. Then I ran errands sitting in the car and letting those scents marinate. I got an afternoon delight from my boy toy, cumming twice and he came in me, I am sure some of those juices dripped down to my sweetly perfumed derrière. And then to mention you know I have had to use the ladies’ room throughout the day, I always wipe good but little bits of my dew are always left. All these scents mingle and brew over hours, trapped by those ass cheeks in the dark crevice of me.

Normally I would just wash away all this wear and tear of the day, but then I think of all the dirty little ass sniffers out there. Those kinky perverts that would love to just ram their nose in that crack and breathe in deeply all those deep dark scents of me. As they inhale this musky aroma the blood starts throbbing in their cock. With every deep intake of smells the dick swells. Those dirty boys love the dirty parts of me and I love shoving it in their face. So to say, wiping their nose in their naughty perversions. Can I shove this sweet, dirty ass in your face?