Sniff And Lick My Toes

I find it funny how something that seemed weird at one point could one day become one of your biggest fetishes. This guy I dated was playing and teasing me in bed. He told me he would sniff and lick my toes, and I would enjoy it. Me being me, I was hesitant until he turned me on, took my feet, and made out with them as he rubbed his dick on my pussy lips. It was then that I found my new love for having my feet played with during sex, and it began to be what I needed to get off. Now, I find myself putting my feet in guys’ faces to see if they will satisfy my needs. In my eyes, a man is no man if he can’t put my toes near his lips. I’m a dish that needs to be devoured from head to toe.

The Search Begins!

After my ex and I broke up, I went in search of a new foot fetish lover boy! As time went by, it felt like it would be hopeless. Men who eat ass and pussy are good. But there is something so sensual and pleasuring about a man who will sniff and lick my toes. So few men enjoy the feel of their tongue flossing between my toes, sniffing up my heel, licking from heel to earth to toes. My heart felt dim and lost. The thought of being with a man who is disgusted by feet kills my soul. I crave and yearn for a man who pleases every inch of my body. That’s when he walked in—six feet with a smoldering smile.

This Man Licks My Toes Better Than Anyone.

Chad was everything I desired and more. He makes me laugh and can be a dad when I become a brat. Chad loves to act like he won’t sniff and lick my toes if I continue to be a brat, but his rock-hard cock always gives him away. At times, I enjoy waking Chad up with a foot job. It always ends up with my toes in his mouth, his tongue working between each toe, his lips sucking every inch clean. There are moments when I will beg him to please give me a tongue bath. To feel his tongue dragging against my skin as he tastes every flavor I have to offer is my favorite drug that will last until the end of time. There have been moments where his tongue alone will make me cream my pussy.

Sniff And Lick My Toes Until The End Of Time

So here we are, laying on my back, watching Chad strut over with his hard giant cock pointing at its target. My pussy is dripping as he leans on the bed and kisses my lips. I feel his hands tracing my body as he kisses and licks down my body, making his way down my thighs and knees. As Chad approaches my ankle, I watch him sniff and lick my toes, heal, and arch. Watching him worship my feet this way has me wanting him to breed me. I want him to worship my body as if he is fucking a skinwalker.

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