I went through my slut faze pretty young. After that popped I wanted more sex, but from someone who was from out of town. I would literally troll the chat rooms looking for men who I thought were safe sounding and up for a good time.

The first guy I picked was a Navy guy out of Halifax Nova Scotia. He was 30 something and pretty hot. My folks were out of town for just the night. I made plans for him to show up to my house around lunch time. I told him I wanted him to be aggressive and give me the fucking of a lifetime.

I put on a little army green shirt and a pair of black panties. I had my hair long down my back in sexy loose curls. I was 17 but I looked much younger.

When he walked up to my door, I welcomed him in with a big kiss. Door still open for anyone to see my naughty behavior. His hands cupped my ass tightly and he pulled me into his tall frame. His tongue and lips devoured my lower face. He lifted me off the floor and asked where the bedroom was. I pointed down the stairs. Without much trouble he carried me to my room. It looked so juvenile with pink and purple walls and stuffed animals on my bed.

He threw me onto the bed and straddle my chest in a very fast motion. He unzipped his pants and pushed the huge mushroom of his cock head into my mouth. I remember working his cock with just my tongue and lips. Sucking and pulling his meat further into my throat. I started to gag but he didn’t cease. He took my face in his hands and started pumping hard. My mascara was running down my cheeks. My eyes never left his. He kept telling me I was a little whore I was and this is what I deserved for inviting a complete stranger into my house.

He finally got off my chest and took both my legs into one of his large hands. He RIPPED my panties right off me! He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and commented on how wet I was. He stabbed his thick cock into my very tight pussy. He held my legs tight to his chest and pumped hard and downward.

My pussy throbbed and squeezed harder and harder. Every time he pulled back to the tip I would grabbed onto his thighs trying to pull him back. Each time was met with a even harder more violent thrust. You could hear the squishing of my cunt flowing with all the hot juice .

He then rolled me onto my stomach and lifted my hips slightly he burrowed himself back into my hole. I was biting down on my flowery pillow and moaning my pain and pleasure.  He grab my hands and told me to hold as ass open so he could watch his cock disappearing into my body.

After a few more strokes he took both my arms and pulled me back and up. His cock slipped out still raging hard. He brought me to my knees on the floor. My head was sandwiched between my mattress and his cock. He gripped my hair tightly and rode my face. When he was ready to cum he pulled back and watched his cum splash onto my face. He groaned loudly and then rubbed the head of his cock into his cum. Back his dick slipped into my mouth for a delicious taste. So fuckin’ manly and yummy!

I will never forget him…Call me and make a memory with me!



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