Everyone knows that you should keep your love affairs secret. However, what will happen once I start sporting a baby bump?

I’ve been obsessing about sneaky cheating impregnation sex. Matter of fact, the mere idea drives me wild! Not only have I been fucking you on the sly for months, we recently discovered that you’ve put a bun in my oven! Pretty soon, people will discover where you’ve been secretly sticking your dick. At first, you thought you could keep our clandestine fuck sessions on the QT, didn’t you?

But you must admit, a part of you wants the whole world to know. After all, you’re about to become a DADDY! Although you’re a tenured professor with many years at the university, I’m the sexy college girl who *should* have been way out of your league. However, from the first day I walked into your graduate psychology course, neither of us could deny the irresistible heat sizzling between us.

Sneaky Impregnation Cheating Sex: It wasn’t long before we were fucking at every opportunity.

Indeed, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other! Across your office desk, in the faculty bathroom, down abandoned hallways, in your marital bed; no place was off-limits. And that time in your Beamer; in the campus parking lot, of all places! Psst…do you think campus security enjoyed watching our car fuckfest, Professor? Obviously, they perved our midnight tryst in real-time, right there on camera!

Hmm, do you think THAT was when “the moment of conception” occurred, Professor?

Conversely, do you think it happened at the movies? Damn, I can’t believe how turned on we both were. Remember how we fucked in the same seats where you and wifey had your first date? Additionally, just how hard did we both cum in that crowded theater?

Who knows exactly when or where, but I’m pretty sure the “insemination” happened right here at school!

I love the thought that your little swimmers knocked up my fertile egg while we fucked in the psychology building. Since your wife is the department dean, I can’t believe that she’s still clueless.

Seriously, it looks like she has NO idea that her husband just knocked up one of his graduate students. However, I don’t think that will last much longer. Now that I’ve traded my flat, toned tummy for a growing baby bump, people will soon stop being oblivious to our “extracurricular activities.” Especially your wife.

I’m pregnant now and I think people have begun to notice!

If you’ve ever read any of my fantasy impregnation phone sex stories, then you already know that nothing makes me wetter being knocked up. Besides, you must admit that knowing that I’m carrying YOUR baby within me is mind-blowingly arousing! Just think about that for a moment, sexy man.

As my tummy and breasts swell with the fullness of our child, everyone will be able to see that I’m pregnant. While your wife is a barren, boring old cow, she’s not stupid.

Although she probably suspects you’re constantly banging it out with one of your grad student coeds, I’ll bet she hasn’t said a word to you. Anyway, you know she never gives it up for you. Since she’s always denying you sex, can anyone really blame you for searching out a horny young girl like me? Of course not!

Does she know it’s me? Probably not, but that’s about to change very soon!

Because I’ll be insatiably horny in my pregnant state, you’ll have to fuck me at least several times daily. You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, eventually, someone’s going to catch us. Pretty soon now, you won’t be able to hide who you’ve been boning. Besides, let’s face it. And this is a crucial point. Are you ready?

Even pregnant, you know I’ll keep doing everything for you that your wife WON’T do. No limits here.

It also means you’ll never again have to feel you’re “bothering” her with your sexual needs. Why should you have to make the effort with her when you’ll have your naughty, sweet Angel from now on?

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