Last night I snuck out to this super amazing party with my bestie and we had the MOST AMAZING TIME EVER!! I was totally super shocked at how much fun we had teasing and tormenting all of the super naughty boys at the party! Getting them all hot and bothered and leaving them totally helpless and wanting more! You know you totally would have killed to be one of those super naughty boys! But this isn’t where the story is you silly fucker! You see the real fun happened when I got home!

I was only three hours late for curfew there was no reason for Daddy to be as totally mad as he was! (For there record I am in college after all!) I know what you are thinking… This girl is in college and still has a curfew?? RIGHT!!! Daddy says it’s for my own good because boys only want to do super naughty stuff with me!

(I think its cuz he’s super duper jealous)

When I walked into the house all of the lights were out but I could feel someone watching me… A loud echoing cough came from the living room. I knew then I was in trouble… Slowly making my way into the room I saw him sitting there. Waiting for me. I could feel the tension in the room as I softly padded over to where he was sitting.

Something was off in the way he was acting. How he softly slurred his words, I could tell he had been drinking. That this was not going to be like every other night where I would bat my eyelashes and tell Daddy how super sorry I was. This was going to be so much different. Little did I know last night was going to change my whole life.

As I stood there waiting for him to speak, I could feel his eyes practically undressing me. Stripping me out of that little pink dress I was wearing, slowly peeling my nylons down… Until without any notice he stood, making his way over to me. Not a word slipping past his lips as he grabbed me by my waist pulling me down onto the couch next to him. I could smell the hint of liquor on his breath as he began to touch me. His rough hands sliding across my stomach pulling me closer to him.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” I asked, afraid to hear the answer that was about to pass through his lips…

As his hand started to work its way up my thigh I could feel the need radiating from him… I would totally love to tell you the rest and see what super naughty fun we can get into!!! Come play with me!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke