Smoking Hot Babysitter

Smoking was just the beginning of my bad girl relationship with men.  I knew It gave me  an edge that other girls my age didn’t have.  My daddy loved my smoking and trained me well on how to be the best slut I could be, but when I got old enough to start babysitting, more daddies began to take notice as well.  My sweet innocent face hid a deep dark sexual secret.

I was watching the kids around the corner like I did most Saturday nights.  They came home early while I was out front enjoying a cigarette.  I threw it in the yard and quickly went inside.  They were both a little tipsy and the wife went straight to bed.  He husband, however, called me out on my smoking.  He told me he had no idea I was a smoker and that it looked really good on me.  I was a little shocked he wasn’t upset but I felt my face begin to blush.  It was late so he offered me a ride home which I greatly accepted.

In the car, he asked me if I wanted to have a cigarette.

 Leaned back in the seat, smoking away, he reached out and began to caress my inner thigh.  I wasn’t sure what to do so I continued smoking.  He began to tell me how grow up and sexy I looked with the cigarette between my lips.  He told me he loved watching the smoke leave my mouth and trickled out of my nose.  Then he pulled the car over and pulled out his rock hard cock.  I have to admit, I wanted this to happen for a long time.

I started sucking his cock.  Then I blew my smoke over his dick and watched it twitch and shutter.  He loved how I teased him and I could see the pre cum dripping already.  I flicked my tongue over his throbbing head as a billow of smoke left my lungs.  It wasn’t long before be came hard all over my face.  It wasn’t until that moment I realized men could have a smoking fetish.

Teen Phone Sex with a Naughty Babysitter!