It is an age-old fantasy, and I love fantasizing about my sexy college professors. Of course, I have more important things to accomplish in college, so it is only a fantasy for me. Although many of my friends are bold, having affairs with their professors. I know one day I am going to be the Smoking Hot Professor. My academics are more important than teacher/student sex.

Don’t be mistaken; I am having plenty of sex in college. I choose to keep it on the up and up with other students or mature men that are not teaching my classes.

Fast forward to today, and I am that gorgeous professor at the podium. Not only that, I am the sexy MILF as well. Both are why I have chosen a second profession providing MILF Phone Sex. I keep it cool at school and get to let loose during my calls.

Being the Smoking Hot Professor at school is fun!

Of course, making sure my students are getting the best education is my priority. After that, fantasies and fun are free-flowing in my mind. Similar to my college days, keeping it ethical is imperative. However, that isn’t stopping all the naughty fantasies running through my head. I have classrooms full of young, sexy 20 somethings all day.

One of my friends is wild, and back in college, she had no fear. Back then, we barely knew each other. In school, she wanted to fuck all the hot professors and became the slutty acquaintance fucked by many of our teachers. She still loves sharing all her nasty stories. Of course, now we are lifelong friends. Additionally, she is still that wild and fearless lady.

She and I have our fun now.

To do this day, I am not acting out my fantasies at school. It is important to be professional and give my students the best education available. Of course, that is also why I am now doing the phone sex gig. With my callers, I can get as naughty and dirty as I wish. Providing them with the best time they have ever experienced.

I should be honest and confess; I am attracted to many of my students. During class, oftentimes, my pussy is super wet. I feel as though I squish as I am teaching them. After we finish, I go to the bathroom and masturbate. Visions of the beautiful women and men in my class going through my head as I work my tight pussy and cum.

It is fine to keep it professional at the college. I feel it is the right thing to do, even though I am a smoking hot professor. My colleagues admire my strength, as many of them are playing with students. That is their business, not mine.

My husband is fantastic and has an open mind.

All that attention I am getting is giving him a boner. He is always telling me to eat it up. Then, come home and tell him all about it, so he gets a hard-on. Of course, then we fuck as he imagines me with my students. It’s a turn-on; he is so kinky.

I am not as open as him. I don’t tell my husband there is a specific student I am fantasizing about being with as his dick is inside me. Maybe he wouldn’t mind, or maybe, I feel guilty. Either way, it stays inside my head, and now, sharing it with my callers is an option!

I love that I can get as wild as I want with my callers. We can play out your fantasies and cum together. Maybe, you can be that hot student I want to fuck, and I am your smoking hot professor! We have so many options to choose from. Call me so we can have lots of fun together.