Who does not love a hot bubble bath?

Self-pleasure is one of my favorite fetishes. The day had been long and arduous. Clicking off from my work, I sighed and rubbed at the tension in my temples and shoulders. The deep, hot bubble bath that my hubby had thoughtfully run for me awaited upstairs. I moved from my desk. As I made my way up, unbuttoning and unfastening my clothes as I went. By the time I got to the bathroom, I was standing in just my lace G-string. The rest of the clothes made an untidy pile in the doorway. I pulled my hair free. I shook my head and then eyed myself in the mirror. Running my hands over the classical cinch of my waist and enjoying the dramatic flair of my hips, I pulled off my panties and dipped a toe into the comforting hot bubble bath.

Relaxing into the luxurious depths with an audible moan, I lay back and close my eyes.

I love this time of day, a chance to separate from the manic and demanding world and stop all thoughts other than the immediate calming, soothing sensations washing over me from the hot bubble bath, mind, body, and soul. The heat from spreading my legs was not merely due to the lapping water that teasingly licked against me. Reaching down, I playfully tugged at my pussy. Getting myself ready for a sweet sensual lovemaking session with me, myself, and I. Pressing in, I could feel my hardening clit. Small shudders washed over me. As a result, I reached up with my other hand to take a slippery, soapy nipple between fingers and squeeze, resulting in a demanding throb from my wanting cunt.

I was almost panting now.

My fingers at my clit spread out to teasingly stroke over my smooth, half-submerged in the hot bubble bath, pussy lips. They were probing greedily inside. Then my fingers curled around to toy with my pulsing pussy. It was clenching around them with their demands for release. My half soap covered nipples protruded from the hot bubble bath. My arms encapsulate them, one arm curved around to attend to my pussy and the other rubbing the electrified nipples and the entire area of tingling shapely flesh. As my head laid back against the top edge of the tub, my hair half wet, thrown back in wild disarray, my eyes squeeze shut.

I escape to that place of ultimate erotica in my mind.

Fingers thrust deeply inside me as my thumb slowly moves across the surface of my hood, the clit not only alert but straining, screaming in my mind for attention. Hard, deep jolts connected my clit and my g-spot, which I aim to press against on the inside. Breaths were coming shallow and ragged now, audible moans coming unbidden but unstoppable. My throat catches with the height of the moment. The dark flashing heat strikes through my body like liquid lightning. Spreading and enclosing me, throat, breasts, the very depths of my stomach, and capturing my cunt entirely.

I am dancing so dangerously close to that edge now.

I can see the start of that delicious journey, that tumble through pure pleasure. There is a code to begin it, a code consequently only my fingers know. They dance inside me and fulfill my longing, my need. As my pussy pulsates around my fingers, I brush against my g-spot, and the tremors begin. My orgasm sends sparks thought my brian. They are dizzying, addictive, blindingly blissful and I yelp out against it. Consequently, I tumble Alice style down the rabbit hole to the most pleasurable sensations known to woman. All too soon, the trembling and shuddering slows as my climax slips away, leaving my body soothed, relaxed, and my mind contented and empty for at least a little while in this hot bubble bath.

I’m the type of woman who can find pleasure in any situation, no matter if I’m giving you the best phone sex of your life or all alone. I know you want to watch me when I think I’m alone, so call me, and I’ll take your mind and body to the limits.