I’ve been smoking since I was 13. I guess I have an oral fixation. Probably why I sucked my thumb as a baby and love to suck cock now! Smoking is cool and a great way to seduce guys. Taking long deep drags, watching the lit up cig glow in a dark bar…and the beautiful mysterious smoke. I always attract guys when I am outside smoking. I had no idea there is a smoking fetish until my neighbor started coming around begging to let him watch me smoke.

It first started when he would show up on my stoop in the summer while I was avoiding my hot apartment. I would be wearing almost nothing, just chilling with a beer and a smoke. He kept showing up, offering me snacks, drinks and more cigarettes. He would gaze at me so intently, watching every toke, watching my body as my lungs filled up with the smoke and then the slow release. Then he would excuse himself and run home. Sometimes I would see him watching me through his window. I figured out what was going on. He was jerking off to me.

I finally offered to let him come inside to watch me smoke. I told him it was ok I he wanted to jerk off while he watched me. You would have thought I told him he won the lottery! He was shy but slowly pulled out his cock. I sat and watched him while he watched me.

Now and then he still asks to come over. He always brings me beer or other little gifts. Sometimes I surprise him and wear some sexy lingerie. Usually I am just my sloppy, dirty hungover self.  The whole situation is strange but kind of hot!

Do you want me to light up one for you?

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