Smoking Fetish: When I have a few drinks I like to have a cigarette or two.

I didn’t know my boyfriend had a smoking fetish. Then again, he didn’t know I was a smoker. Occasional smoker anyway. When I have a few drinks I like to have a cigarette or two. We were out having some drinks with friends and as the night wore on so did my craving for a cigarette. I wanted one really bad but my boyfriend didn’t know and I wasn’t sure how he would react.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked him if he would mind if I had one. I explained that I didn’t do it often just to make sure it wouldn’t be an issue. He said he didn’t mind and he’d come outside with me too. I bummed one from my friend and headed out the door. As I put the butt of it between my lips I noticed him staring. At first, I thought he was just surprised that I smoked occasionally but then I saw it.

As I sucked on the filter and inhaled the smoke into my mouth I looked down and saw my boyfriend was pitching a tent in his pants. His hard-on surprised me at first but with my line of work, it shouldn’t have. Smoking fetishes are pretty common. Once I realized it was turning him on I made sure to draw out every drag. As I finished my smoke he pulled me into him and kissed me deeply.

I knew that he was thinking about me sucking his cock while he was watching me smoke. There’s something about watching my lips wrapped around a cigarette that had him thinking of oral sex. I pushed him back toward the side of the building, got on my knees and took out his cock. His eyes rolled back as I took him into my mouth. I loved hearing his moans of pleasure while I sucked on his cock! It just turned me on even more.

I sucked him off completely and swallowed every drop of his cum before we headed back into the bar. Now that I knew about his smoking fetish we were going to have a lot of fun with it! For some hot fun of your own, give me a call and we’ll explore fetish phone sex together!

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