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It must have been a long night because as I woke up the only thing I could remember was being really fucked up. Next, to me, laid a man that I didn’t even know. However, as I reached down between my legs and noticed my cunt was stuffed with his cum, I knew I must have known the guy. Or at least I did at the moment. I looked over on the side table and there laid a beautiful sight to my eyes, Mary Jane. I began to break up the beautiful herb packing it into the bowl of a small bong. After taking a hit my nerves began to stand on end and my horniness began to surface. If there was one thing I needed this morning it was Dick.

Smoking Fetish Fun With A Wake And Bake Fuck Fest

I wanted a stiff hard cock deep inside of my dripping wet cunt already stuffed with cum. I looked under the covers and realized my Suitor from last night was stiff and hard and ready to go. Though he was sleeping, I began to suck on the head of his dick slurping up and down the full length of him. Although the bong stayed in my hand, I didn’t spill one drop of that precious resin-filled water. Once he was getting hard I mounted him. I slid my slit on either side of his stiff hard dick and I sat down on top of him. Whimpers left my lips as I began to fuck his sleeping body.

I lit the bong and I hit it continuing to fuck him

Then, he woke up reaching up to grip each of my thighs. On the exhale he lifted up and began plunging his cock deep inside of me. I could feel the tip of his dick beating up against my cervix, and as I took another hit and blew out that sweet smoke of cannabis I wished for more of him. We fucked for hours and I never bothered to ask his name. All I cared about was cumming. Although, that should have never been a concern of mine though. After all, hours later I had come so much I had to leave my window open to dry my cum soaked mattress. The perfect start to any morning.

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