Getting wet and nasty while I satisfy my smoking fetish

Full disclosure, I have a bit of a smoking fetish. Few things are as relaxing as lighting up a cigarette or a joint while teasing my boy toys with my pussy. Here are some of my favorite ways to tease and please while I take care of my smoking fetish.

  1. Smoking Hookah- The hookah is the ultimate tease if you have a smoking fetish. I love feeling you watch me as I wrap my soft, full lips around the hookah. While you watch me smoke, I know that you’re thinking about what it’s going to feel like when I wrap my pretty mouth around your rock hard cock. As I inhale the smoke you’re thinking about my tongue sliding up and down your shaft. Swirling around your juicy mushroom head. I can tell you’re getting hard watching me smoke. When we finish this hookah, I’m going to take you home and give your cock some smokey kisses.
  2. Eat the Punnani- After a long day or work, nothing helps me relax like a nice joint and a glass of wine. But to make it a perfect evening I need wine, a joint and you to lick my pussy while I smoke out. I love lighting up a joint, laying back and spreading my legs. Feeling your tongue licking and exploring my pussy while I take a toke of the finest ganja. The combination of the weed going into my head while you suck my clit always makes me cum hard. I can’t wait to get high, cum in your mouth and enjoy my smoking fetish.
  3. Keep on Riding- There are lots of ways to explore your smoking fetish, but riding a nice hard cock while I enjoy a cigarette is by far my favorite. Feeling your hard cock sliding in and out of my wet snatch while I blow smoke rings is everything. It also puts you in the perfect position to play with my hard nipples while I fuck you.

How do you explore your smoking fetish? My name is Katrina and I am the taboo phone sex operator that loves to explore all kinds of fetish play. From humiliation phone sex to milf phone sex and everything in between. I am the phone sex operator that can bring your kinkiest fantasies to life.