I didn’t always have a smoking fetish, but seeing clouds of smoke coming from a pair of sexy lips drives me wild!

The first time I discovered the world of smoking fetish was when I watched my last girlfriend take a long drag of her Marbolo smooth cigarette after a, particularly long fuck session. Just watching her lips around the butt of the cigarette was exciting as she took the smoke into her lungs. She would always let out the smoke slowly and it was hypnotizing, the curling clouds falling from her beautiful lips. Lips that I had spent hours kissing, it made me want to kiss her right there.

When she caught me staring she smiled at me, taking another drag and letting it out again. This time she blew the smoke towards my face making me blink and cough a little. I wanted her to kiss me with her mouth full of smoke, taste it on her tongue. So with the next hit, I moved closer taking his soft lips in a sweet slow kiss tasting the menthol cigarette as she let the smoke out between us.

The next moment that really got me was when were standing outside of a club, taking a smoke break. She was wearing this tight black dress, looking like a model in blood-red lipstick. It stained her cigarette as she took a drag. The contrast of the smoke rolling out of her painted red lips made me so wet. It was like she was putting me under her spell with each cloud that I watched a float through the air. I knew that she could feel me watching her. When I couldn’t stand it anymore I told her what I wanted…I wanted her to blow the smoke in my face. Breathe in the smoke as it left her lips and blow it right back at her.

She smiled knowing, telling me that she had a feeling I had a thing for it and she wanted to indulge my fantasy.

When we got home from the club I wasted no time taking off her dress and pushing her onto the bed. I grabbed her pack of cigarettes and told her I wanted her to smoke while I ate her pussy. I settled between her long legs, licking her wet pussy watching the smoke float from her lips as she moaned for me. She blew it at me as I teased her clit with my tongue, the smell of the smoke and her pussy drove me wild. I could feel my panties getting soaked so I reached my hand to touch myself as she blew more smoke at my face. I moaned with her and came hard sucking at her clit. She cursed putting her cig in the ashtray on the nightstand and grabbing my hair pulling me into her pussy as she came on my mouth.

Do you have a smoking fetish?

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