Smoking Fetish With a Naughty Schoolgirl

If you have a smoking fetish then you won’t want to miss this hot phone sex story. I love being a naughty girl, especially a schoolgirl. It brings me so much joy to be so bad because I’m supposed to be so innocent.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class and the start of lunch. I grabbed two of my girlfriends and we went sneaking back to the handball courts. That’s where all the kids went if they wanted to smoke because no one went back there.

That day we were the only ones out there.

We looked so cute in our matching plaid pleated skirts and our white blouses. The standard school uniform made me feel like an anime chick. We talked and laughed while we smoked our cigarettes.

And, cue teacher about halfway through our first one. We tried to hide them behind our backs as he approached, but we all knew it was useless because he could smell them burning. He looked pissed so I told him they were my cigarettes. I told him I pressured them into smoking with me.

Yes, I took the fall for my friends because I didn’t want all three of us to miss the concert we’d reserved tickets for months before. The teacher ordered me to follow him so I stayed obediently three steps behind him all the way to his office.

Once we got there, he opened his window and told me to light up another cigarette. I did as I was told because I didn’t want to make my detention worse. While I took a drag, he lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties.

I reflexively closed my legs, however, he pulled them apart again, exposing my tight, shaved pussy. Then, he buried his face between my legs and flicked my clit with his tongue. I shuddered as I took another drag.

But, the fun didn’t end there. What else would you do to me while I smoked for you? I can even blow smoke out of my pussy. Call me for some naughty Teen Phone Sex and I’ll tell you how I do it.