Smoking Fetish – Let Me Blow You Away

It was early in the morning and I decided to take a trip to my local coffee shop.  I love sitting outside in the crisp air, sipping my coffee, and enjoying a smoke.  That is when I noticed him.  He was just sitting across from me with that look in his eyes.  The look of lust and desire that I know all too well.  I was packing my pack of cigarettes getting ready for the first smoke of the day.  His eyes were so fixed on my every motion I knew he had to have a naughty little smoking fetish.  I was more than happy to indulge him.

I transferred my pack from one hand to the other, smacking the top against my palms.  His bounced with each stinging smack.  It was almost like he didn’t even notice I was looking right at him, or maybe he just didn’t care.  As I pulled off the cellophane, he licked his lips as if he was anticipating my next move.   I have talked to plenty of guys with a smoking fetish, but never one so fixated on the little details.  It was all fun and games letting him watch from a distance, but I wanted to see if I could shake him up a bit.

I lifted the lid and pulled off that silver foil.  As I slid out my first Marlboro menthol 100, I asked him to come join me for coffee.

 He blinked as if I had broken his concentration, but did not hesitate to sit at my table.  I slid my Bic lighter over to him and, with a sly smile on my face, asked him to light me up.  His hands were sweating.  It was obvious he never expected me to call him over.  I pressed the filter to my lips, tilted my head slightly to the side, and looked into his dark eyes as he sparked my lighter.

The first inhale is always a favorite among my smoking fetish playmates and he was no different.  He watched with a look of intense yearning on his face.  I blew my smoke into him and he licked his lips again.  We spent the next ten minutes or so making random small talk as he watched me smoke.  Ask I finished up, I thanked him for joining me and just like that, I left.   I still hope to run into him again for another smoke break.

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