Smoking Fetish fills the room with sensual seduction-  Adult Chat

Smoking Fetish – So, let me ask,  how extreme is your Smoking Fetish?

Does Red lipstick on the end on the filter turn you on?

My smoking fetish is becoming quite intriguing to some men.

Now, in the era of vapes, and electric cigarettes, I will always be traditional.

Then, back in the day, they said nicotine calmed down irrational women. Now they know better. It makes us twice as desirable.

With this in mind,  take a seat in your favorite chair and watch as I drive you into a deep sense of relaxation.

Now, I will place a tobacco stick between my lips and the tip glows red the moment it’s lit. Cherry red to be exact.

A deep inhale and my lungs burn from the warmth.

My nipples now straining against my blouse, the betrayal of my body is clear to see. Is this his fetish, or mine?

Can a smoking fetish be taboo?

He’s already removed his cock and slowly stroking.

The thick head dripping pre-cum, but I tell him “not so fast”.

I have plans for this monster cock.

Then, without a word, I drop to my knees, smirking as the room clouds with scented tobacco fumes.

As I French smoke, I look at his powerful cock and wonder.

Should I roll the lipstick-covered filter over the head of his prick, or blow smoke rings to encircle it?

Tugging in another hit, my lips form the perfect O. Cock rings in the form of smoke envelopes his dick.

So, have you ever had a sensual blow job?

When I add the warmth and scent of cigarette smoke, filling my mouth, you have the perfect combination.

Drawing in another, your cock is the perfect vessel to dip into my warm mouth.

As a resultYour cock will look like a dragon each time you push across my tongue.

Thus, you watch as the lit cigarette dangles from my perfectly manicured nails.

The way I bring it to my lips.

The way I suck the smoke into my moist mouth.

Come forward and feel the heat with me. I’m ready to play, are you?

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