His Smoking Fetish Had Me Buying Pack After Pack-Pt 2 – Phone Sex

Smoking Fetish – So much for being healthier. After that day I made a point to be outside smoking when I knew he would be done working out. After a few times of catching me outside, he stopped and said, “You really are trying to tease the hell out of me aren’t you?” I slowly looked up at him and in my sexy, seductive voice told him that I never tease.   Then I licked my lips and smiled at him.

What he sees as teasing is just my promise to give him more than he ever dreamed of. That got him talking. He sat down next to me and explained that he wasn’t a smoker but always found women who did to be sexy as hell.

When I asked him what he found sexy about it he said that he loved a woman’s mouth.

The way my lips looked puckered around the cigarette as I took a drag was hot. What he liked, even more, was how for just a brief moment the smoke would come to the edge of my lips before I inhaled, especially when I had on dark lipstick.   It was an instant turn on for him.   

But, what he found most erotic was a woman that could “French” Smoke. He said it was the most erotic and arousing thing he has ever seen a woman do.  

Learning about his smoking fetish was the opening of so much more for us! I can’t wait to tell you just how far we ended up taking it! Give me a call to explore some hot fetishes of your own with me!


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