Smoking fetish erotica written by a very special caller.

I have a smoking fetish, and so does one of my favorite voices on the other end of my sex phone. Sometimes we explore that kink (while chain-smoking, him enjoying another type of smoke as well), sometimes we have cuckold phone sex. Sometimes we have pillow talk, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Recently, he wrote me a very sexy story which I can’t help but share below. Guess who’s the leading lady? 😉

The room is dim. The curtains red, the floor black and white checkers, the couch and the chair velvet red and plush. Her tight black dress clings to her curves stretched tightly across her body. She picks up a leg and crosses it over the other, dangling a white heel on her toe. Her dark hair matches her dress. She pulls a long cigarette from a pack on the table next to a chair that seemed to suddenly appear from nowhere.

When she lights the cigarette, the curtains turn black, the white checkers turn red, her dress becomes white, her heels black, her hair white. Her eyes look at you, and you are frozen. She takes a long inhale of the cigarette, and blows out a cloud of smoke out at you, slowly, unraveling you in her rapture. The smoke sends chills down your spine. Your body feels weightless and you begin to levitate inches above the floor.

“I am the dreamer, living inside the dream.  Will you dream with me?” she asks.

You float above her, watching her firm breasts almost popping out of her dress as she takes another inhale. The curtains turn blue, and the red checkers turn green. Her dress turns red, her heels a chrome silver. The smoke rolls from her mouth slowly, floating as you do, watching. As she smokes the long white cigarette smoke billows from her red lips. You become lost in the grey tendrils of smoke.

“Follow the smoke,” she says, “Follow the smoke into the dream.  Will you dream with me?”

You want to nod or even speak but are unable, floating above as you don’t feel your body anymore, feeling the smoke enwrap you, consume you, transform you.

She brings the cigarette to her soft wet lips, her red lipstick smearing against the pure white filter, the fire cracks at the tip as she inhales, pulling the thick smoke through the dried tobacco, paper burning, through the filter, and into her mouth. She rolls the smoke in her mouth with her long tongue before inhaling it into her lungs, letting it fill them, and then exhales you out, as you swirl and roll into the room, floating above her.

“I am the dream, within the dream, my name is Aileen, will you dream with me?”

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