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I walked into the room to find my son smelling panties not only mine but his sisters too! He had a massive hardon smelling those dirty undies. Son, what have I told you about sitting in the living room and doing that? You are supposed to go to your bedroom. What if someone else had come in and caught you? He just looked at me with that lopsided grin that melted me every time. The next thing I knew I had sat down next to him giving in as usual.

Mommy, can I suck you, please? I leaned back against the couch and pulled my titties out for him to suckle. Meanwhile, his sister came into the room. “I see bub is at it again”, she giggled. “Help your brother out honey; he needs you.” She lowered herself between his knees and pulled his cock out.  While playing with his cock she reached over and took her panties from his hand because he loved having them wrapped around it.

Sister was smelling panties too!

After a while, she pulled her panties from around his cock then leaned forward to smell panties just as he had before she started stroking him. As he was thrusting his cock into her hand, he groaned deep in his throat this caused her to be greedy for him, I could see it in her face. Go ahead sweety I encouraged her so she came forward and kissed the tip of his cock head.

I fingered my pussy as I watched her stroke and lick his cock. He moaned and thrust against her mouth and she took it so eagerly. Finally, he asked, “Please, Mom, let me play with your pussy’?” “I know you need it baby do you think you are ready to fuck a pussy?” I cooed. “Please, Mom,” He begged.

Soon, I took his hand and brought it to my cunt to show him how I wanted to be touched. His sister, I noticed, was watching his and my hand in my pussy. In the same manner, her free hand made its way inside her panties.

With this in mind, I pulled her hand away from his cock and I placed it to my nose to smell deeply the panties that she had stroked him with. The smell of her and him combined was a potent aphrodisiac. Please, son, sit back on the couch. I pulled his sister to her feet and lowered her panties down her legs as she then leaned forward placing the panties to his nose for him to smell. I watched her straddle him and take his cock.

He thrust deep inside her pussy!

As a result, he did not hesitate to grab her panties and taking a long sniff he placed them in his mouth. Grabbing her hips, he thrust upward hard and fast. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as her brother fucked her pussy with ruthless abandon.

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