Definition of Daddy Dominant as I Know It, Daddy and Me!

Definition of Daddy dominant as I know it, Daddy and me! There are a lot of varieties to what it means as a Daddy Dominant relationship. In fact, they are as many as the couples that choose them. Simply, because the relationships are unique to the people who make them. My experience was loving and nurturing.

My Daddy came into my life at a time when I was feeling alone and scared. I was uncertain about the future. I needed some strong arms to hold me and tell me everything would be ok. Just because you need a Daddy does not mean you don’t have a good support system because I do. I just needed something more. I needed him.

Yes, I do need Daddy!

As a strong and independent woman, I did not realize that wanting a Daddy was something I would ever need. In fact, once I found him, I knew I needed him more than I could ever imagine. He was the very definition of a Daddy dominant.

I don’t act like a pubescent girl around my Daddy. In fact, he encourages my strength and independence. Some might find that dressing up like a young child turns their Daddy on but not mine. He loves to see me as a woman. A woman with all the battle scars to prove it. Being a Daddy dominant does not mean being a pedophile or incest play.

Daddy is my superhero!

The definition of a Daddy means he will always keep you safe. He wraps his arms around me and I snuggle into his chest I feel safe. It is the safest space in the world. He is my shelter from every storm. When my Daddy kisses me I know I am his and it is my lips that he wants. As he talks to me it does not matter what he is saying I am always thrilled to hear him. While he sits next to me I am his and I am proud.

Daddy does not own me. I am much too precious for that. I am not a thing for Daddy to put on a shelf and play with when he pleases. No, I am my own person and Daddy knows this. He respects me and gives me the room to grow and make mistakes. It is often that I make mistakes and when I do I am woman enough to admit them and I tell Daddy my need for punishment. I tell my Daddy Dominant everything about my life. So if I make a big mistake, anything I regret from sleeping with someone or financial errors then he has to punish his baby girl.

He delays our satisfaction!

When daddy fucks me he does it with purpose and passion. It is never rushed. He gives every part of us the attention we deserve. Daddy loves to let me be playful and sensual with him. It is important to take our time and enjoy each other. He may spend hours holding me and kissing my body. The tip of my toes to the hair on my head is completely explored and touched every time I am with my wonderful Daddy. He never goes straight for my pussy or his dick. He delays our satisfaction edging us to build our orgasm to extraordinary heights. Ultimate satisfaction is how you define a Daddy dominant.

Spankings, nipple clamps, choking!

Daddy’s punishments are sometimes painful because he knows that for me a small amount of pain is a pleasure. I live with pain every day so controlled pain in the right areas heightens my orgasm to the point of explosion. Pain, such as spankings (with multiple items used to do this) to my breasts, ass, pussy. Nipple clamps, twisted. Hair pulling is a wonderful turn on. At the point of climax and not before. Choking is a pleasure for me because it is one of my fear triggers.

It is the loss of control and experiencing all that I fear that brings me to a level of orgasmic pleasure that impossible to put into words. Daddy knows though. So yes I am a Daddy’s girl. Would you like to hear more about Daddy’s girl Sex Stories? If the answer is yes then give me a call on my phone sex operator line!