Want to play with my Dirty Feet?

I didn’t wash after my workout yesterday and my Dirty Feet were so sweaty and smelly. Most guys would think it was gross but there are some guys out there who can appreciate something like that.

  Kirk is a great guy who knows how wonderful a woman’s Dirty Feet can be, especially when they’re less than fresh. I stopped by his place instead of going home and got lucky because he was home. I pushed past him and threw my gym bag down on the floor before heading into the living room. So I threw myself down on the couch and he asked if I wanted something to drink. I knew he was curious about why I was there and I tortured him by making him wait.

I asked for a cold glass of water and while he went to get it I kicked off my sneakers, putting my sweaty sock covered feet up on the coffee table. He couldn’t miss them when he came into the room and I took the glass from him. It was nice and cold, the sweetie even put in some ice cubes. I really needed this after my workout and I leaned back with a happy moan, closing my eyes. He said I seemed relaxed, and I nodded while saying “Yeah but my feet are driving me crazy. My Dirty Feet feel so sweaty and gross, plus they smell so bad. I really need a shower.”

I knew he was looking at my feet and praying he would hear some magic words from me.

Then I took another sip then said them. “Before I have a shower though I thought I’d let you have a crack at them.” He got on the floor and gently held my feet as he moved the coffee table out of the way. Then he sat in front of me, my foot in his lap while he held the other one up to his nose. He smelled them, taking his time to really get the full force of it, moving my foot back and forth as he went from toes to heel then back again. He spent more time near my toes where the smell was strongest.

I suggested he get more up close and personal with them. He peeled my sweaty socks off and I saw him nudge them behind his back, probably hoping I’d forget about them. I pretended not to notice, I have tons of socks at home so he could keep my dirty ones.

He began smelling my feet, his nose rubbing against my skin as he took deep breaths.

After a few good whiffs, he licked along the ridge between my toes and the rest of my foot, sliding just under my toes. I wiggled them and he smiled, liking the little touch of them. He stuck my big toe in his mouth and his tongue tickled me as it licked me slowly, rubbing on the bottom of it. I reminded him to lick between the toes too, they were really sweaty there and he slid his tongue in between my big toe and second toe.

He slid it back and forth then slid my toe out of his mouth. Shoving his tongue in between my toe and giving them a good clean. My feet felt even wetter as he slobbered over them, getting into every little crease. He kept going, covering me with spit and I just rested.

When I was getting bored I finished my drink and took my feet away from him. “Okay, where’s the shower?” I asked while thinking about whether or not I’d let him join me.

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