Sniff My Dirty Panties You Perverted Little Freak!

Ugh, my little brother is already such a menace, and oh goody, now he has a friend. Stop looking at me you dweeb….have you never seen a teenage girl in tight clothes before?! Ugh, and I have a hamper full of dirty panties, I’ll just take care of those when I get home from my lunch date with some girlfriends.

Fuck, now I’m sitting in my car realizing I forgot my cell phone. And when I walk back upstairs. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Is my little brother’s friend sniffing my dirty panties?! I’ve worked out in those! They have sweat stains….oh my gosh, and that other pair has my boyfriend’s cum in them!

There’s no escaping now, I’ve got you, I thought. I can see a little wet mark in the crotch of one pair…were you chewing on them?! Chewing on dirty panties…what a little pervert! Is this what goes on when I’m not home? But while I’m standing here, watching you frozen with my dirty panties in your hand, I’m thinking how hot this actually is!

So you really like the way I smell that bad? That’d you would chew and sniff on the fabric closest to my snatch…your perversion is making this pair of panties I have on now, WET! That makes me feel in control! I’m walking closer to you and I grab my dirty panties out of your hand and shove them in your mouth. I push you back onto the bed and pull down your shorts.

Isn’t this what you really wanted? I pull my dirty panties out of your mouth, they’re wet and still have the most unique smell, so I take them and shove them down your boxers. Feel that smelly fabric rub against your dick, now you’re covered in my smell! You fucking pervert, I don’t even have to blackmail to keep this a secret, you’ve been fantasizing about my dirty panties and having a pair of them for years now, keep them! All I came back for was my cellphone…now that I’ve grabbed it, fuck off little pervert. Until I catch you again…

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