The truth about why your little dick will never be enough

At some point in his life, every man with a small dick has been lied to. Usually by some sweet young thing who is trying not to hurt your feelings when she tells you that your little dick was to satisfy her. She probably said something cute like, “It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean.” It was all a lie. You never satisfied her, you can’t satisfy a woman with that little worm. I’m sure more than one woman has tried to avoid hurting your feelings by telling you that you tiny 4-inch pecker was all she needed to get off. Well, I’m here to tell you that you have been lied to. Your entire sex life has been a lie, punctuated by a series of well-meaning pity fucks. I’m here to tell you that your little dick will never be enough.

You see hun, most women, myself included crave the deep hard fuck that you can only get from a man with a long, thick cock.  A cock that is long enough to find, hit and massage your g-spot with its thick pulsing head. A cock that is thick enough to fill our pussies completely. Your little worm is barely big enough to make it inside of a woman’s pussy let alone find and hit the g-spot. The best you can do with your little mushroom head is rub up against a woman’s clit. And even then your tiny mushroom head can’t provide the kind of pressure it takes to give a woman a clitoral orgasm.

I don’t know how it must feel to know that you have never been able to satisfy a woman. I can never understand the deep sense of shame that comes with knowing that every woman you’ve been with has cheated on you with a man who has a much larger cock. I will never know how humiliating it must be to know that every man you meet has a bigger cock than you do. However, what I can do is help you provide some entertainment for the next woman you meet; give in to the world of small penis humiliation.

Once you’ve accepted that your sub-par member will never get her off you can embrace your role as a submissive that has been designed to entertain women and their big dick partners. You already know that women who have been unfortunate enough to see your tiny cock are laughing at you, so enjoy it and find ways to make yourself useful to the women in your life. When you know she has a date, make your mouth available to get her pussy wet and ready for the big dick pounding that she is about to receive. If you play your cards right, she’ll let you stand by and watch while her new lover’s fat cock spreads her pussy open in ways that you never can. You can sit in the corner and rub your wee mushroom head as the woman of your dreams gets the fat cock that you know she deserves. Once your lady love has had her full of a real man’s cock, she may even let you kneel between her legs and lick the cum that is dripping out of her pussy.

Now, few things are as pathetic as watching a grown man with a child-size dick trying to rub one out. So once your cleaning duties are done, she will probably send you out of the room or out of the house to rub on your sad excuse of a cock alone. But as you sit in your room alone, trying to work a load out of your poor excuse for a cock, you can take solace in knowing that giving into small penis humiliation and a willingness to serve has allowed you to see how a woman is supposed to be satisfied. For little guys like you, small penis humiliation is the wave of the future. Except for your fate, get on your knees and get ready to serve 


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