Penis humiliation has its roots in cuckolding.  Don’t believe me? Coupled with his inability to satisfy his woman; it’s a simple jump from a small dick, wanting to see a BIG DICK, fucking his woman.  Maybe, even taking her away…emotionally, at least.  Let’s go back to the beginning.  But, the word CUMS from the word cuckoo; a bird well-known for laying its eggs in another’s nest.

So, when Simon came home earlier than normal, I couldn’t just STOP taking the big black cock of his boss, Sean. Sean had been hinting at “taking” me right in front of Simon, but Simon never fought back! Guess this pussy isn’t worth the fight.  Add to that, he’s got a midget cock that I could never feel inside me.

In case you’ve never seen a midget dick, they’re so fucking sad!  What else can a man do when his dick is too small to even hit his own thigh!?  He must WATCH and derive his pleazurez from watching a real man.  Granted, Simon still wants me; he pays the bills and he’s easy enough to get along with.  But, he’s got that one teeny-tiny problem and it lives in his pants!

Recently, Sean has been a veritable live-in boyfriend that Simon has grown to LOVE!  I don’t mean he “loves” on Sean.  Believe me…THAT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!  Bossman is ALL MAN.  He only lets Simon stay because of the checks and giggles he gets when fucking me.  Sure, there are times when Simon tears-up seeing me take that BBC but, it’s a price he’s got to pay to keep me!  Could YOU stop me from straying with your Boss?  No more tears, LITTLE MAN!

You KNOW you’ve got a penis I’d LOVE TO TEASE!


The Smaller, the MORE FUN!