Small penis humiliation for my very delusional friend.

Small penis humiliation ahead!  You can’t be a male stripper with a small cock!  You just can’t.  When I asked you to show up dressed in a cop uniform and do a little dance, all you had to tell me was “Ummm, I don’t think that’s a good idea.  My cock is too tiny, Crystal.”  I know you needed the money, but this was definitely not how a guy like you earns it.  I mean, yea, I would have laughed.  I would have laughed really hard and demanded that you showed it to me,  I mean, come on.  It’s not every day that a guy would be willing to pass up on good money and the adoration of all of my hot friends unless you was seriously handicapped down there.  Instead, you decided to take the chance. Maybe you thought we’d be polite about it and wouldn’t give you such a hard time if we happened to be less than impressed.

Clearly, you don’t know my friends.

Well, you definitely looked the part when you showed up saying the neighbors were complaining about the noise (as you do), but we could tell something was up when you refused to get to the good part.  You kept trying to show everything else off, but those pants simply refused to budge.  We were getting impatient.

“Come on!  Take it off!”

“Yea, take it off!”

I walked up to you and whispered in your ear.  “Dude, my friends want to see a show.  I thought you said you needed the money.”

The writing was on the wall.  Either you whipped it out or you kissed that moolah goodbye.  So, you did.  You pulled down your pants.  You kept your thong on though, and never in my life had I seen so much free space in the front of a thong.  Our jaws dropped.

What happened to our small cocked stripper next?  Call my phone sex line to find out.