Just A Little Bit: A Small Penis Humiliation Story

“I want to be Dominated” These words oozed from his mouth like a bad cold. He was nasal, and dorky and mouthy, what a fucking combination. I never fuck guys like him, entitled little rich dick pricks, spoon-fed with silver utensils. ” I can pay you,” he said, practically begging. So I really needed the cash for a girls trip I was taking to the beach, and if nothing else at least, I would find some fun in the humiliation I planned on dishing out to Jr. Warbucks.

“This address, 45 minutes” I handed him a slip of paper and left.

I was expecting the usual, nerdy guy wanting to be tied up and talked down to. I’d tug on his cock and he would cum. Simple.

When this littler loser fuck walked thru my door, he began asking for things. Something to drink… where was the bathroom?… did I have a boyfriend… blah blah blah.

I didn’t answer any of his questions. I stood leaning against my pool table, looking at this pathetic excuse of a man and wondered who the fucked helped him tie his shoes each day?

He began to ramble. Something about his family and old money. Finally, I parted my sweet cherry red lips from the mouth of my beer bottle and said ” SHUT the FUCK UP” He jerked at my tone, I think I startled him. ” Now, take off your clothes and go lie down on the guest room bed” I directed, showing him the way with the long neck bottle.

Surprisingly, chatty Charlie did as he was told.

I walked in the guest room, and what I saw could only be described as piddly and sad. He was a puny, pasty white guy. Not a Grower and SURELY not a shower. The humiliation would not be a problem with this guy, he gave me all I needed. And he had listened so well with his first command, I didn’t foresee domination being a problem either. I walked to the foot of the bed, and bound his ankles, and to the top and began tying his wrists. ” Are you going to get naked?” He said through a shit-eating grin.

I smiled, looking down at him, and rubbed my hand against his cheek, and I slapped the ever-loving SHIT out of him.

“Now why would I do that?  your every bit of 2 inches right now, and I bet you may grow to 4. I don’t get undressed for anyone under 6.5 and they have got to be meaty… looks like you aren’t man enough sweetheart” I smiled, almost coddling him with my tone.

“Let me explain a little further” I lifted my stocking covered legs onto the bed, capped off with slutty 7 inch RED high heels. I placed my heel next to his pathetic excuse for a cock. ” Now see, you see the length of my heel in comparison to your itty bitty man clitty, there?  See it?  Well, darlin’ lets just say you’d have to be at least this tall to ride this ride- not someone who looks like they sat in gum on the fucking ferris wheel!”


I cracked myself up laughing at the humiliation all over his face. He turned 50 shades of red. But what I had planned for little prick privileged perv was just getting started!


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