“Small penis girl! Yeah, I know who would have thought right? He’s tall, sexy and very flirty!” I told my best friend over a glass of wine. Adriana laughed her ass off as I poured myself another glass of wine. She knew I was getting tipsy because I always spoke so highly of how awesome Joe is.

His small penis wasn’t a concern in the beginning of our relationship. I mean he could lick my pussy like no other guy. That was enough, but it wasn’t anymore. I started seeing a guy behind his back a year into our relationship. Adriana took another gulp of wine and inched forward in her chair.

“So like, how big or haha little is his cock Aly?” Adriana asked. “Well to put it nicely it reminds me of a hotdog! It’s really thin and not very filling! hat’s why most people eat two hahah!” I laughed like a total bitch. I started picking up things off the table like the cork to the bottle of wine. Adriana laughed her ass off and started talking about how I needed to get laid.

“Just so happens I am getting fucked on the reg! Remember that guy I told you about like 4 months ago? Yeah, we hooked up and his cock was like a fuckin unicorn. He’s hung like a fuckin’ horse!” I confessed. I got into how Daren would make me worship his huge cock and he would make me tell him how pathetic Joe’s small cock was.

God, I loved that man’s cock! I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. I would leave work early just to get fucked by Daren. Adriana asked me why I didn’t leave Joe for Daren? Easy! Joe made great money and was incredibly handsome. Plus he was a nice guy. Daren however, worked a minimum wage job and was a hound dog. I just needed him for his huge cock.

As Adriana and I laughed our asses off Joe rounded the corner. The look in his eyes revealed he heard the whole conversation…

Wanna find out how he reacted? Part two next week!



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