Small Penis Humiliation – Me, the Jock, and the Geek

I was so bored this week! And SO fucking horny! Davon went home to visit his family, leaving me here without my usual continuous supply of big black cock! However, I amused myself with a threesome and some small penis humiliation while he was gone!

I have a friend named Harrison. Just in case his name doesn’t make it clear? He’s a major geek! But. Harrison is packing one great big huge schlong in those nerdy high water pants! He used to tutor me in math. I tutored him in subjects that were a little more useful and FUN! He had all that man meat, and no clue what to actually DO with it! I took care of that little problem for him, and he’s been eternally grateful ever since!

I hadn’t seen Harrison in quite some time, so I invited him to the bar to hang out and keep me company. It was a tough decision for him to struggle with! Go to bar, get free drinks, and talk to a beautiful girl? Or stay home and rearrange his coin collection. Thankfully I won, but probably only by a narrow margin! =)

So, fast forward to Thursday night and Harrison is at the bar, hanging out with me. I’m feeding him some really strong drinks, hoping to talk him into some kind of dirty fun! He’s tipsy, and well, he’s pretty much in love with me. So when I suggested that we find someone to have a threesome with, he readily agreed. I’m sure he thought I meant another girl, but I had a very specific plan in mind, and it had nothing to do with another woman.

There is a guy that hangs around at the bar. HUGE jock back in high school, and he still has that “I’m the shit” mentality that I can’t stand. He’s always propositioning me and telling me how hot HE is, and how I am missing out by not fucking him! Tonight he was going to find out exactly how much I need a guy like him around! I know this guy has a cocktail weenie in his pants, as sure as I know that I can fuck for 2 days straight! I smell some small penis humiliation in the air!

Predictably, he saunters in around 11:00, and heads straight to the bar to pester me and explain to me how great he is. Usually I cut him off and walk away, but tonight I was VERY interested in what he had to say! I leaned across the bar as he was talking to me, utterly fascinated by every word that came out of his mouth! (Or at least HE thinks so anyway!) I mention to him that I have a buddy sitting at the other end of the bar, and he asks me to point out Harrison, and I do.

Again, predictably, he bursts into laughter and shouts “THAT is the guy you’re going home with tonight?” I tell him yes, and he tells me that I would have much more fun with him than with THAT geek! Laughed and told him I wasn’t the type of girl that HAD to choose between 2 men. I leaned in and whispered to him that I wanted them both. Right here, as soon as the bar closed at 2am. He agreed, saying that he would show nerdy old Harry how a real man satisfies a woman!

At long last, closing time came. Soon everyone was gone but “Harry”, the jock, and me. Time for some fun! I took them both by the hand and led them to the back room. Harrison is completely trashed, and is having trouble standing upright. However, when I sit him down on the couch, straddle his lap, and kiss him? His dick has NO trouble standing right up! I could feel it straining through his pants. I smiled and asked him to stand up. Then I took our new friend by the hand and stood him right next to Harrison. He looked over at him and you could tell he was thinking, what a total tool this little nerd is – what does this hot ass girl see in him?

I smiled at both of them and pulled my shirt over my head, then stepped out of my tight, well-worn Levi’s. I looked at them both and said “well… what are you waiting for? Strip!” Even though he’s skinny and a little awkward, Harrison started to undress right away. Our jock friend hestitated! I uttered a big bratty laugh and said “what’s the matter, big boy? Scared this little nerdy dude is gonna have a bigger dick than you?”

Manhood challenged, he immediately started stripping down. I had already schooled Harrison in the break room just before closing about what was going to go down, so he made sure to leave his boxers on until Mr. Jock took his down. They both unveiled those cocks at the exact same time, and Mr. Jock was startled by my shrill, gleeful laughter! When he looked at me, I was laughing and pointing, right at his little 3 inch baby dick!

I walked over, and as I grabbed both their dicks, Mr. Jock finally got his first peek at Harrison! He saw that 10 inch cock and his face turned blood red. I giggled helplessly as I tugged on Harrison’s big fat dick with my whole hand, and Jock boy’s tiny little pecker with my thumb and finger! There were SO many things I wanted to say and it was all small penis humiliation! I just could NOT stop laughing! It really WAS small! I think 3 inches is probably a kind estimate! His outtie was almost an innie! No way this was HIS first encounter with small penis humiliation! Oh man! I almost felt sorry for him! … almost.

I finally got enough composure to tell Mr. Jockie-poo that there’s no way in hell I would ever touch that sub-standard cock, let alone let him fuck me with it? But if he wanted, he could stay and watch Harrison pound my pussy until I squirted. His poor dick shriveled up even more -if that’s even possible! He muttered under his breath as he got dressed and let himself out of the bar. Even megalo-brained Harrison had a good laugh about it. Before, true to my word, I let him pound my fucking brains out right there on the couch in the employee lounge!

How about YOU? Do you have a baby dick that both craves AND deserves some small penis humiliation? Call one of our Phone Sex Girls! we’ll point, laugh, and giggle until your teenie weenie pops and shoots those 3 little drops of cum in your itty bitty balls!