So, I was telling you all about the small penis humiliation that I had in the last blog. Just in case you did not get to read part 1 of my humiliation phone sex blog you should really start there first. If you have been awaiting part 2 then let’s pick up where we left off.

I have just discovered his small penis!

We had begun to kiss and undress each other.  When  I looked down and saw the smallest cock I’ve seen.  I was like “What the Fuck?” Yes, a 3-inch baby dick! I could not control the laughter that rolled from within. He looked disappointed that I laughed at his small penis. That when he looked up at me with that handsome face and said, “Don’t worry Mistress Camille, I’ll make sure you cum!” Then I grabbed him by the face and said, “You sure the fuck will!”

Small Penis Humiliation… Oh yes!

I continued giving him the small penis humiliation he deserved. I commanded him to pick me up and carry me to his large bed. He scooped me up like the ebony phone sex queen I am and laid me gently on the bed and poured me a glass of champagne. Finally, I commanded him to dress in something more suitable for his small penis size. He went to the dresser and grabbed several outfits and I happily decided on a sexy pair of stockings and naughty little black dress belonging to his wife and a cock cage.

After he was dressed,  I allow him to lick and service my pussy and asshole until I was squirting in his face.  He bathed his face in the juiced from the pussy worship and ass worship his provided.   When he was done drinking the cum from my pulsating pussy it was time for some strap-on play.

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