Robert’s Tiny Penis

Poor, sweet Robert has such a tiny little pecker! He has to put up with constant small penis humiliation. Mainly from me of course. I’m a ruthless bitch when it comes to letting a “man” know how worthless and pathetic his small dick is. I’m not the only one who lets him know though! His wife’s new boyfriend plays a big part in Robert’s small penis humiliation too.

Small Penis Humiliation

Robert’s wife, after ten plus years of marriage, finally worked up the courage to tell him that his cock has never pleased her. She said that she had honestly never been able to tell if he was inside of her and that every moan that has ever escaped her mouth has been fake. This completely humiliated Robert. He felt so degraded and useless. Robert sat in silence as he replayed every love-making session with his wife in his head, filling himself with shame.

She Needs a Real Man

Robert knew his wife deserved better. She deserved toe curling orgasms in bed and to feel a real man’s cock buried deep inside of her. So, Robert came up with a solution. He asked his wife to look for a man that interests her and they could become fuck buddies. His wife jumped with excitement knowing she wouldn’t have to put up with her husband’s small penis anymore.

Better Cock

Robert’s wife, Melinda, found herself a tall and muscular black man named Jason.  He was invited over for dinner Robert had cooked. Robert served the two a nice meal and replenished their glasses whenever it was needed. With a few drinks in her system, Melinda asked the two men to show her and compare their penises. Robert’s eyes grew wide as he knew he was going to be humiliated by the other cock. Jason proudly revealed his big black cock and Jason’s small penis humiliation began again.

He’s So Much Bigger!!

Melinda let out a series of “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” towards Jason’s cock, and patiently waited for Robert to reveal his tiny dick. Nervous and shaky, Robert dropped his pants and revealed his child like penis. Both Melinda and Jason burst into tears from their laughter. Robert was so humiliated. His face turned a bright red as he stood there with his pants around his ankles and his small cock standing hard at around two inches.

Jason’s Cock is Superior

Jason chuckled and led Melinda up the stairs to the bed she shared with Robert. He laid her down so soft and stripped her of her clothes. As he started to gently press his massive cock inside of her, Robert heard Melinda exhale in bliss. Robert peeked through the crack in the door to watch his wife get fucked by a real man for the first time in ten years. Jason pounded Melinda’s virgin-like pussy in unclaimed territories she didn’t even know existed!

She screamed out, “You’re so much bigger than my husband!” and “This cock feels so good!” throughout the duration of their love making session.

He’s in Charge Now

Her toe curling orgasm left her shaking and out of breath. He had gotten off to the sight of his wife in pure ecstasy from the big cock she had taken. Robert stood by the door, with his tiny dick in hand, and cum running down his leg. He knew he could never amount to that cock with his tiny penis. Therefore, Robert would allow Melinda to continue taking such a big cock so long as he could watch her get off. Robert’s small penis humiliation had turned him into a little cuckold bitch. Jason was the man of the house now. His dick made the rules Melinda and Robert would follow.

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