The phrase, “It’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean,” obviously came from a man with a teeny tiny little pecker. I am sure that the poor schmuck was trying to make himself feel better about his pathetic coat hook, I mean penis. 😂  And I really hate to break it to those of you who are members of the Tiny Penis Club…but size DOES matter. Ok, I lied; I don’t hate to break it to you, you need to know. If you didn’t already, it is time that someone was honest with you. You have a small penis. It’s so small, that it’s pathetic and sad. Really all that there is left to do is laugh. This is why I find small penis humiliation and humiliation phone sex to be so fucking fun! Why wouldn’t I?

I am a Size Queen and I have never been shy about that.

I am a size queen. Maybe, I have a size fetish? I’m not exactly sure if that is a thing. But, I am sure of one thing though, size does matter and if your dick looks like it belongs to a child; I think that it is best for both of us if you just keep that thing in your pants and away from me. Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Let us be honest here; what would I have to gain by fucking you?

Embrace Your Little Dick With Small Penis Humiliation

By now, I hope that you have accepted small penis humiliation as part of your life. Embrace your little dick! You and I both know that it’s extremely important that you are able to offer something to make up for your lack of manhood downstairs. What we can do is lock that tiny penis in a chastity cage and post photos of it on the internet. Oh wait, I did that…didn’t I? 😉

I Don’t Fuck With You…

Seriously, I’m not trying to win Miss Congeniality in some beauty pageant. I am trying to fuck, I want to be fucked. I want my pussy stretched out by a big, fat cock and then I want to cum all over that hard dick while it pounds my pussy. Your little shrimp dick would just annoy me. You can’t even pound your dick with your fist! Haha! I can see you now, you’re over there stroking your baby dick with two fingers. It’s actually quite pathetic. If I were to ever let that tiny dick inside of me, just know that it would only be out of pity. You poor thing, I have tampons bigger than your cock.

I am going to turn you into my sissy cuckold by dominating you with small penis humiliation.

Here’s an idea; you want to make yourself useful, right? Get down on your hands and knees like the little sissy that you are, and you can suck this BBC for me. Go on, suck that cock! I want you to get it all wet and make it hard for me. Now, I want you to lie on your back. I’m going to position myself on all fours, right above you. You have a great view of this sweet pussy, don’t you? Now watch that big cock as he shoves it in and out of this tight pussy. This is how a real man fucks my pussy. If you’re lucky, I may just let you lick his cum from my pussy. Get ready, this is just the first of your small penis humiliation stories. I have big plans for your small penis.

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