Small Penis? Why do you even try to get with me?

Small penis humiliation is kind of my specialty. Nothing tickles me more than a guy pretending to be “Big John Stud”, telling me how he is going to rock my world and then when we get down to it finding out he has a teeny tiny baby dick. And I hear over and over “Yeah but I can eat pussy like a pro!” Really? Good for you! Now you are a point behind another woman because they can eat pussy AND they have tits! So now, what do you have to offer me?

I’ll go ahead and tell you. Nothing. Except amusement. I will not hold back my reaction when you whip out that tic tac that was hiding in your jockeys. So I’m a size queen? So what? The only thing a small penis is good for is do be laughed at! For all the good that pathetic little worm is going to do me, you may as well get some tits for me to play with. Or just cut it off all together. I mean come on, can you even get yourself off with that teeny thing?

If its just there for decoration, you would think it would at least be prettier.

But no, all it is, is pathetic and sad and so little I’m pretty sure its technically a deformity. Did you actually think you had a snow ball’s chance in hell of getting that tiny clit inside me? What the fuck were you thinking? Are you really that fucking dumb? Or did you know that the best thing to do with a small penis is to laugh at it? Did you bring it to me like show and fucking tell knowing I would DEGRADE and HUMILIATE you? And you crave that don’t you, you sick fuck?

Don’t pretend like you don’t know my number. Grab the phone, grab the lubricated tweezers you use to jerk that little nub and call! And if you want to send me a pic of your dicklet, go ahead and email it to me before you call. And when you send me that email, ask how you can score some free phone sex minutes!