Bartender has a small dick

I may have been drunk but his small dick wasn’t getting any bigger. I couldn’t drink myself into wanting his little dick inside me. His pants at his ankles, I’m practically on my knees amazed at how little he is. Yeah he was completely humiliated but at least now I know why he is a virgin. I kept turning my head trying to hide the fact I was laughing but he knew, what he didn’t know was alcohol is like a truth serium for me and I have absolutley no filter at this point. He tried telling me it feels better than it looks. ” ha yeah right, that small dick isn’t going inside me.” I respond. This just made me laugh harder. He’s completley humilated, and I see standing before me a little bitch with no backbone. Then I decided I may have use for this small dick loser after all.

The only good use I have for small dicks is turning them into my bitch, so I run to my room and grab my strap on. He’s a lost and scared confused boy now but he’ll understand when my strap on gets buried into his little bitch ass. I show him the strap on “Now this is how big I like my cocks.” “Your small dick won’t make me cum like this will.” “In fact you won’t make any woman cum with your baby dick.” He wants to leave but before he can get his pants up I snapped a little picture of that little dick and I threaten to share it with every woman at the bar he works at. “Now back on your knees.” Of course he does as told, I think its because he secretly likes small penis humiliation. I grab some panties and yes I made him wear them. This is punishment for making me think I was going to get the best sex of my life only to disappoint me with a small dick, that just won’ do it for me. His little tiny penis is so small you can’t even see the bulge in those panties.

I put on my strap on and I made him suck my strap on “Open up todays your lucky day.” He lips wrapped aroud the tip of the strap on and I thrust forward puhing it down into his throat, I didn’t know he was a good little cock sucker. “Why are you being forced into sucking my BIG strap on” I asked. “Because I’m a small dick loser” He says “And why am I going to ram it inside your ass.” He responds “To understand why woman won’t like my cock.” I think he gets it but its going to take more than this to make him fully understand why he’s bitch and I’m now his femdom. Call me, lets see what your NOT working with.
 Small Dick Humiliation With KelseyKinky Kelsey