That cocks so small it’s like a shrimp dick, and fortunately, I have a shellfish allergy.

But seriously, What DO you expect me to do with that thing?! You can’t possibly expect me to touch it, right?! I honestly wouldn’t even consider it a dick. I would say it’s a clit, but that’s an insult to all clit kind. More like a disgusting shriveled up pinky finger. There’s no way you’ve penetrated someone with that thing, It’s literally impossible. I don’t mean to laugh, but I can’t help it.

Honestly, I feel bad for you. You probably have to pay women to look at that disgusting dick of yours. And even then they probably laugh, not knowing what to do with it. Can you really blame them? Of course, you can’t! Because you know you’re a sad fucking excuse for a man. Tricking women into thinking you’re packing something, when you’re literally packing nothing. How much rejection can you possibly take?! Just give up! No woman in her right mind would EVER come home with you knowing your dick is the same fucking size as my cats.

So let’s drop the act, you need a fucking reality check. The only pleasure you could possibly give to a woman is when her stomach hurts from laughing so fucking hard at that tiny thing you call a dick. But let’s be serious, that’s why you call women like me isn’t it? You know you’re useless. You know if I actually saw that nasty thing between your legs I would leave laughing. But that’s the beauty here, I don’t actually have to fucking look at it! And thank goddess for that, because I don’t know how long I could actually stomach it.

But something I can stomach is humiliating little sissy bitches like yourself.

The first step is accepting no one will ever want you, or your tiny cock. The second step is to reflect on how useless you are, because if you don’t have a cock, then what do you REALLY have? And the third and final step is to call me, so I can reinforce steps 1 & 2 for you. Since you’re too fucking stupid to actually do it yourself. So stop wasting the time of women who literally want nothing to do with you, and call me. At Least I have the audacity to stay and laugh, rather than to just leave. And frankly, that’s more than you deserve.

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