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This afternoon, I was feeling especially horny. So, I decided to ditch my boring science class and find a nice thick cock to ride on. That’s just what I need to make my slutty young cheerleader pussy squirt. That’s when I spotted my hot math teacher by the water fountain. His thick juicy bulge caught my eye. My hazel green eyes looked him up and down and boy, he looked yummy! I made a bee-line towards him swaying my hips from side to side. My glossy pink lips parted, I asked him what he was doing out of class. I flashed him my flirtiest, glossy smile and he told me that he had no classes this period.

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I played with my pleated cheer skirt and said, “I need you to do me a huge favor!” He nodded with a wink and asked what the favor was. I bent over and flashed him my perky slutty young cheerleader ass! His face turned a bright shade of red and I coyly asked if he could help me slide down my bloomers. A hot wet spot leaked all the way through my bloomers and I needed help cleaning up! He got so turned on he told me that he wanted to lick and suck on my juicy cheerleader pussy right there in the hallway! He had always known what a notorious school slut I was and wanted to see how talented I really was.

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